The name of the Lord in vain

The very word ‘His Majesty’ is sacred in our society; a society founded on buddhist philosophy of compassion and altruism. It is from such canon the ideology of Dharma King- benevolent, wise and compassionate ruler- was born. In our own time, the Great Fourth Druk Gyelpo is an unparalled embodiment of wisdom, benevolence and strength.

It is not for me to list here deeds of our great kings ushering this obscure nation of ours – then, considered to be inhabited by half-barbarians – into modern era with dignity. For that we have history books.

For all the nurture, guidance and security that we enjoy, contemporary Bhutanese are ever so slightly inclining towards chauvinistic and uber-pretentious patriotism; full of rhetorics and empty utterance. Non more prevailed than on our national television channels.

There are fitting time and occasion to express our gratitude to His Majesties and our guardian deities – sincerely, for the least we can do is appreciate our collective fortune of being born in Bhutan, practice buddhism for this life and beyond, and, above all, have dharma kings under whose wings we live this Bhutanese Dream.

It is not uncommon to see on television, people ostensibly expressing such sentiments; aspirant political candidates delivering speeches, volunteer workers on cleaning campaigns, blood donors in hospitals, children on the way to school, taxi driver, street hawkers, jobless youths, bikers and rag-tag vagabonds. Such perennial utterance devoid of sincerity and devotion dilutes the sanctity of the word. It is the cheapest patriotism, a border-lining self-centered propaganda to suit your needs, and, no doubt, a sacrilege to the institution of monarchy and the Three-Jewels. The word ‘His Majesty’ is being used as modal way of opening any speech or interview , thoughtlessly.

Perhaps, it is in this very view the Ten Commandment forbids “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain”- only the lord for us is the glory and being of His Majesty.

For if we are half as overtly patriotic as we claim to be, we would not have opportunist politicians, term after term, zealous of their perks and benefits; we wouldn’t have bankers laundering millions; we wouldn’t have police abetting crime. For if we are only half as grateful as we claim to be, we would not wear patriotism on our sleeves but in our holy hearts; no politicians would do otherwise but let their deeds speak for themselves and no undue favors would be solicited under cover of night.

It is, therefore, the unmistaken manifestation of a shallow, self-fulfilling individual to take his name in vain – an individual who will put on sale the nation and its interest, and even the grandiose name of His Majesty.

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